We deal in most types of raw materials and specialty food ingredients. Our top sellers:

  • Spice mixtures

  • Corn/potato starches

  • Sweeteners

  • Vegetable proteins

  • Fibers

  • Milk proteins

  • Flavours


We deal in equipments and projection for small, middle and big meat processors. Our top sellers:

  • Packaging

  • Processing

  • Thermo handling

  • Mixing

  • Storage

  • Logistics

  • Labeling

Technical support

We offer our expertise and know how. Our top offers:

  • Laws and regulations

  • Recipe optimisations

  • Food legislation

  • Safety

  • Product development

  • Anti-crisis solutions

  • Clean label


We deal in all usual cuts and by-products. Our top sellers:

  • Chicken/turkey wings

  • Chicken/turkey legs

  • Chicken/turkey breast

  • Chicken/turkey MDM

  • Breast trimming

  • Chicken/turkey baader meat

  • Chicken/turkey skin


We deal in all usual cuts and by-products. Our top sellers:

  • Beef trimmings miscellaneous

  • Beef trimmings

  • Beef head meat

  • Fore quarter

  • Hind quarter

  • Boneless beef

  • Beef sangria


We deal in all natural and artificial sausage casings and thermoform films. Our top sellers:

  • Edible collagen casings

  • Non-edible collagen casings

  • Polyamide casings

  • Cellulose casings

  • Fibrous casings

  • Natural casings

  • Food films


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